Tierra del Fuego: New tourist front in southern Patagonia

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Within the framework of the project “Promotion of Tourism of Special Interests (TIE), Cultural Routes of Tierra del Fuego, the closing seminar“ Cultural routes and tourist management in Tierra del Fuego ”was held.

Experts from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC) linked to the creation of this new tourism offer in the southern part of Chile, as well as local operators and representatives of the institutions associated with the project, spoke at the seminar.

The project “Promotion of Tourism of Special Interests (TIE), Cultural Routes in Tierra del Fuego”, are part of the program Diffusion and Technological Transfer of InnovaChile de Corfo, who finance the initiative with a contribution close to 80 million pesos, to in turn, the Catholic University and associated operators contribute 46 million pesos.

This project has developed the design of four Cultural Routes that link territory, history and heritage, revealing heritage tourist landmarks that, articulated and identified in the geographical space, propose ways of understanding Tierra del Fuego as a singular place positioned in the cultural imaginary of the West.

The Cultural Routes proposed are: Selknam Route, hunting and fire territories; Route of the Estancias and the sheep occupation of the territory; Wood Route in the Almirantazgo Sound; Route of the Punta Arenas. January 27, 2011.

Wetlands, birds and waters. The Cultural Routes represent an original international tourism initiative, they offer an attractive interpretation of the territory of Tierra del Fuego to a controlled number of visitors, tourists with special interests.

The special interests tourism sector demands a competitive design to highlight the tourist advantages of the area, hence the design of cultural routes, which are based on interpretations of the territory as nature, history and heritage, according to which the resources are used. scenic attractions, such as natural resources of Tierra del Fuego, to which value is added through their interpretation in historical and patrimonial terms, configuring a cultural landscape perspective.

According to a report by Sernatur, this type of tourism that is in contact with nature, where the culture of the locals stands out, a rural tourism, adventure, and in community, becomes increasingly important, with an annual growth of 15 %, so the project’s commitment is to transform Tierra del Fuego’s current weakness (low number of inhabitants, decreasing productive activities) into an opportunity to enhance its development based on Special Interest Tourism (TIE).

Source: www.dialogosur.cl