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About Us

We are a non-profit foundation that seeks to promote a collaborative way of relating between local entrepreneurs, landowners in the Territory of Tierra del Fuego and facilitators (national or foreign entrepreneurs) who wish to create a productive project that has an economic, social impact and cultural in the territory.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to generating meeting spaces between emperors, the inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego and the Public-Private sector

Our VISION is to support and accompany your decision-making that will improve the quality of life of the inhabitants and the economic and social development of the Communes.

Social impact.
Local Starup.
Circular Economy.
Cultural recognition.
Agroindustrial innovation
Digital transformation

What do we do


With the aim of developing initiatives that promote the sustainability of the energy sector and the search for new alternatives.


In order to contribute and promote projects that transform and innovate the basic and secondary education of students and teachers.


In order to promote, recover and conserve the indigenous culture of the island of Tierra del Fuego.


With the purpose of developing and supporting training, employment and entrepreneurship programs for especially vulnerable sectors.


Improving access to health, promoting telemedicine as an alternative in the area.


Con el objetivo de regularizar y mejorar las construcciones que existen actualmente en las distintas localidades de la isla de Tierra del fuego.


Developing and promoting sport is developing a more dignified, healthy and humane population.


The Tierra del Fuego region has great potential in tourism at a national and international level, from the indigenous culture, the Fuegian steppes, the mountains and glaciers.


Innovate in new forms of crops, taking advantage of the large amounts of land that the island has. The main activity has been cattle raising and the extraction of oil and its derivatives.


Generate meeting spaces between emperors, the inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego and the Public-Private sector to support and accompany their decision-making that will improve the quality of life.

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